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I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for the beautiful yoga and meditation session you led for us last month on our wedding day. I have often thought back to your beautiful words that morning, and how much they calmed me and centered me the rest of the day. Thank you again for being such a wonderful part of our very, very special day.

Chelsea, Bride

One on Ones


75 Minutes

Multi-Class Discount

Tailored schedule

Private instruction with me as your yoga teacher will help you develop tools for a lifetime. Private classes allow for you to focus on personal goals or concerns and instead of following the instruction of a group taught class, your individual tendencies and questions can be addressed in real time. Students who are new to yoga or working with any sort of limitation (injury, illness, etc) will benefit greatly from this personalized approach. Spending time focusing on your specific practice will ensure you get the most from your yoga practice. Best of all, private instruction can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.


Before your first class you will be given a health and wellness questionnaire and we will have a consultation over the phone so that I am well prepared to offer you my very best.

Students who pre-pay for five classes will receive a $50 discount.

$35 non-refundable deposit is requested to book.



Up to 10 participants


$15 per each additional participant

60 Minutes

Group yoga is an awesome way to enjoy yoga among friends, family and colleagues! Popular among wedding parties, family reunions, friends on vacation together and work groups. Choose from an array of yoga styles such as beginner to advanced vinyasa, power, yin, yoga nidra, partner and restorative yoga... or combine for a wonderful yin yang experience. I have enjoyed teaching classes from deeply introspective yoga to 90s throwback songs and everything between.

Group yoga is done on location. 

$50 non refundable deposit is requested to book.


Workshop fee


+ material fee pp

Up to 15  participants


Over 15 + $12 per additional participant

Workshops are an excellent way for a group to learn in depth knowledge about a particular facet of yoga, mindfulness, meditation or breath work.

Some of my favorite workshops include:

  • Mala Making- Make your own gemstone mala and learn the basics of japa meditation.

  • BreathWorks-  Learn the basics of effective breathing and how to use simple techniques to take yourself from 'flight or freight' to 'rest and digest' in moments. Craft a working model of the lungs.

  • Whole Hearted Living Your Yoga- Inspired by Brene Brown's 10 Guideposts for Whole Hearted Living, participants will learn how to use these guide posts to live a more balanced life. Participants will leave with an action plan of how to keep the momentum going and continually check in to live their best life.

$100 non refundable deposit is requested to book.

Retreats, Retreat Planning and Collaboration


Want to make something happen? I will help breathe your vision to life.

My experience in retreats ranges from 50+ attendee and multi teacher event weekends to small intimate gatherings of friends. I will help you develop your theme, create your schedule, find and book your location, cater and plan every last detail so that your participants leave radiant with joy.


I'm down to co-teach retreats. Let's collaborate!

Not a yoga teacher but want to put together a retreat? Looking for some R& r with friends? Let's talk!  

Nonprofit, Donation Based + Fundraising Classes


I volunteer classes frequently within the Southern Vermont towns. As a Lolë ambassador since 2014, I have taught many meet ups for women to gather and celebrate living out loud! I have taught yoga for at-risk teens and library children's groups. I've done a paper goods drive for immigrant families in Rutland, Vermont,  raised money for Save the Children by donation and along with my friend Lindsey, raised $2,000 in a community class for a local teacher battling brain cancer.

Yoga has the incredible ability to transcend race, religion, orientation and every person's story. Coming together like this is a celebration of life and our commitment to the similarities that bind us all together. If you have a fundraising initiative that would benefit from a donation yoga class, please reach out!

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