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Essential Affirmations

a members only 5 day mini program to renew and re-calibrate.

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Using Essential Oils

If if told you I had a cabinet of magic elixirs that could re-calibrate nearly any emotional or physical imbalance- you'd be intrigued right? Essential Oils have been that for me. They have become a beautiful ritual that elevates my interaction with life.


Connecting with others is a natural bi-product. I am a Wellness Advocate for dōTerra international and a member of Elena Brower's Essential Practice team. The education I enjoy there allows me to share this passion for wellness with my loved ones- and I would love to share with you!


Are you enthusiastic about natural living? Passionate about wellness? Someone who seeks out socially and environmentally responsible companies? Send me a message. I would love to connect with you, share all of the good that dōTerra is doing and send you a free gift of one of my favorite oils, Balance! Because let's be honest, we all need it!



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